A Beginners Guide To Picking The Best Whisky

So you recently went out to a nearby bar with your friends, and to your surprise, you found out there’s a natural world of whisky out there. You being the first time, ordered the most exotic sounding whisky on the menu only to be chuckled at by the seasoned whisky “experts” present around you. It turns out you made a fool of yourself by ordering the most pathetic drink you had ever drunk. You’re daunted and have vouched to never order a whisky again before knowing a thing or two about it. But how do you start? Reading whisky anmeldelser is too mainstream and time-consuming. Here’s your guide to everything you should know before ordering your next whisky.

Types of whisky

  • Bourbon – These are younger whiskies and are usually incredibly cheap when compared to other counterparts. Although they’re inferior to premium scotches, bourbons mature quickly due to pressure and humidity. They are relatively sweet and very smooth to drink. Bourbon, according to seasoned drinkers, if the first step one takes to get into the whisky league. It is an exploration option.
  • American – These whiskies usually tend to be more spicy, punchy, and rich drinks. Unlike the bourbon, they pack a punch of taste which is sure to astonish you. The more brands you try, the more surprises you get with accordance to taste.
  • Irish – This particular whisky type has substantially grown over the years as the producers have consolidated their ranges into different tastes and flavors. A lot of credit regarding Irish whiskies popularity can be given to the factor where the producers have successfully managed to add a personality to their drinks. It is portrayed as a drink which is not to heavy and not to light but gives the best blend of buzz to enjoy with your friends and family.
  • Speyside – The classic Scotch whisky, the Speyside is enjoyed by huge numbers. These are very vibrant, fruity, and rich in flavor, which is why most appreciate it and even recommend it. Many of the favorite brands fall under this.
  • Indian – Indian whiskies are very widely consumed but are also the most haywire made whiskies. They are sometimes made with molasses making them more of a rum than a whisky. Despite this, there are a lot of excellent and well-made whiskies which offer an almost similar experience to other types.

End of the noob era

If you’ve managed to reach the end of this article, then congratulations, for you have gained a pretty significant amount of knowledge regarding whiskies. You can straight up walk up to a bartender and start announcing your drink like a veteran, however, you will still need some time trying to adjust to the vast variety of flavors.