The 8 figure entrepreneurs: Super Tan Bros

Steve Tan along with his brother is one of the emerging entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce. The super Tan Bros have been rising in the past years and the credit goes to the brothers who have worked equally hard to give the e-commerce business a standard and name it has today. Apart from being excellent businessmen, the super tan bros are also great speakers and they give speeches and make online video content as well. The business names Elites Masterminds group is an option for entrepreneurs to learn and grow their services and products by improving their brand, sales, and marketing. They promise to provide the experience and knowledge of the strategies and insight which has accumulated in the projects of the businesses.

Super Tan Bros

The duo of the brothers or the super Tan bros is Steve Tan and Eva Tan. Steve is a serial entrepreneur and is also the co-founder of Elites Masterminds program. He has founded several start-ups for the last 10 years and has earned revenue of 8 figures. He shares his knowledge by public speaking and using social media platforms he has developed a huge following which readily makes him an example to look up to. He believes he is helping the young and hungry entrepreneurs with immense potential who wants to learn the tactics and skills to improve their e-commerce business. The other super Tan bros are Evan Tan who uses his own different style of e-commerce approach, with social media platforms and by hosting a series of events for the upcoming entrepreneurs to provide them with the knowledge to achieve freedom from finance in their e-commerce business. His success has also seen 8 figures and is expanding rapidly. He has shared the stage with Neil Pate, Ryan Deiss, Ezra Firestone and other equally talented digital entrepreneurs from around the world.

Together the super Tan bros have generated million dollars for their e-commerce store through social media platforms like Facebook ads and along with major marketing techniques. By giving the knowledge to the potential and budding entrepreneurs we have helped them develop their business skills with our resourceful mastermind classes. They have shared the space with other world famous people and have been working hard to provide the business community with the guidance and direction they have been looking for. They believe in the commitment they have for Elites Masterminds group that it is going to change the e-commerce scenario in the coming years.